Here's what some of our customers have said about our products...

I lived in Porterville for many years and tell everyone you have the BEST jerky. I'm glad it is available online. Thanks! S.S. Chico, CA
I'm so glad you guys have a website that I can order from, everytime I visit my grandparents in Porterville we always have to come by. J.M. Copperas Cove, TX
Your jerky is the best!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! S.H. Fountain Valley, CA
Possibly the World's Best Jerky! L.G. Modesto, CA
I am in the Navy and currently underway in the gulf, that explains the weird address, I just can't live without your jerky, it's the best, Thanks. J.C. Visalia, CA
We moved from Porterville 10 yrs ago, you still have the best beef jerky around. Now I am able to get it more often than we come down for visit. Thank you. C.A. Montesano, WA
Ever since Plano nothing beats it. I use to live there when you first started, I knew you would still be there. Thanks. B.W. Phoenix, AZ
Thanks for the great product, it's cheaper for you to ship it to me in Bakersfield than driving there with the cost of gas such as it is. J.W. Bakersfield, CA
Hello, I lived in Ducor for the first 18 years of my life and LOVED Plano Jerky! I now live in GA, and miss it tremendously. My grandmother recently sent me the newspaper clipping about your store. I think it's wonderful. Keep up the good work!!! Thanks. T.T. Sandersville, GA
Love your jerky!! D.S. Manvel, TX
...We really like your jerky...mmmm goood. Thank you! D & M Anchorage, Alaska
Have you considered a jerky club? $24 a month and receive 4 oz. bags of different flavors each month... D.S. Salt Lake City, UT
I've been thinking of some good jerky lately, sure can't find any around here..." D.P. Rockport, TX
Thanks a lot, LOVE your Jerky! J.M. Leaf River, IL
We used to live in Terra Bella, and my wife and I both loved Plano Jerky. It doesn't get any better. We are looking forward to our shipment! J.K. Fremont, NE